Come to Red River in June …

Red River New Mexico

June is the time to come enjoy our mountain community and here’s why….


While hot by local standards the day time temps might hit near 90 (like around noon) the evening temps are in the 40’s and sometimes we might see frost in the morning. And while 85 or 90 is hot seek some shade and you’ll be comfortable, it’s a dry heat no humidity.

Stores and Restaurants  are open full time, you can dine by the river or at 10,000′. Jeep rentals. ATV tours, horseback rides, the rivers and ponds are stocked with trout, guided fishing tours cover beginner fly fishing to old salty dog day trips, summer chair lift rides, free to attend weekend events in the park, outdoor and evening music, free events at the Community House.. and this is just a few things to do or if you prefer do nothing at all

MOST OF ALL WE DON’T HAVE THE JULY “EVERYONE IS ON VACATION AND YOU HAVE TO WAIT IN LINES  (not a long wait however you do want to get on with your fun, right? ).

Deer Lodge is located a block off Main Street One and a 1/2 blocks from the Red River, you can walk the town or take the free Trolley that picks you up right at our lodge. Bring your pet – dogs love to beat the heat as much as you do.  

I would write more but daylight is burning and I need to feed the humming birds!